Sunday, June 3, 2012

Maxwell gets a little older

Maxwell has gotten so big this year.  He has gone from my little baby boy to a big boy that runs outside as soon as possible to play with his friends. 
Some of his school friends.
He has also grown in height.  He is almost as tall as Joseph.  I believe we might just get one tall one out of the bunch.  
This is at his Kindergarten field trip the day of his birthday.  Both he and Emma (the little girl) had birthday's today.  They had a field trip to the park that is around the corner from the school.
I am glad he still loves to give me hugs and tell me he loves me.  He loves me to 
sing him a song at night- it goes:  I love Maxwell, he loves me, we love Daddy, yes siree.  Emma and Samuel and Joseph love us and so you see:  We are a happy family! 

He is really good with math.  He seems to get numbers.  He understands addition and subtraction and can do story problems in his head.  I love how enthusiastic he is to show me all the things he knows and can do!  

I think back to when I was so adamant that I could not handle another child with Rob gone so much and I am so thankful that the Lord knew better and blessed us with a Maxwell, anyway.  It was shocking at the time and it took awhile to sink in.  Even at his birth, I said, "I didn't plan this child, so I don't want to deal with the pain."  I didn't get any relief unfortunately- stupid body that refuses to accept an epidural and do something productive with it, instead of just try to kill me!  Instead, I dealt with the pain and welcomed him into our home and fell in love with that precious soul.  How thankful we are for him in our lives!
Joseph is making sure that he blows out his candle on his Cheesecake properly.  (I always wanted Cheesecake for my birthday as well.)
Maxwell wanted another sword (a power ranger Samurai sword) for his birthday and a Nerf gun and a water gun.  We have quite the arsenal at our house now!
He also loves Mario and Lugi and the gang and when we found some things like Legos with these characters he had to have them.  He is building Bowser in this picture.

He is our sweet little boy (who has no trouble holding his own, by the way.  You have to be tough to be the last child and the third boy in one rambunctious family!)


Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear Mox. don't grow up too fast. grandma Keck