Thursday, May 31, 2012

Furniture 500

For a combined YW/YM activity someone came up with the idea of the Furniture 500.  The rules- find some kind of furniture that someone was getting rid of and make it moveable.  One leader had to ride on your furniture as you raced it against other classes.

This got modified because we do have one handicapped young man who really couldn't have participated unless he was the rider and again for the deacons, because all those little guys just couldn't do much racing with their rather large leader.  It was totally killing them! 

It turned out to be one of the most fun activities we have ever done and will become an annual tradition in our ward.
We went early to help finish the entries.  Emma is now the president of the Mia Maids class, so she had to be there to help and since I'm a leader, I just really should.  It meant one crazy dinner night, but that's nothing new.  May is just craziness, no matter what!
The Mia Maids definitely came up with the best theme for their entry.  

It is district 12's chair and came complete with loads of braided hair and one Effie impersonator!

They did loose their leader once and a couple people got run over, but otherwise they did a pretty good job and came in second.
The winner's where the Teacher's.  Look at this cool piece of racing furniture!

I loved the Priest.   Very inventive!

Unfortunately they weren't thinking about weight limits when they built it out of two small bicycles that they cut apart.

They were just thinking- this is so cool!
  This ended up being their "furniture" for the rest of the 500 races!

I love that they made him wear a helmet!
The Laurels/Beehives (cause there are only 2 of them) did fairly well, also. 

One leader fell on top of the couch while trying to push and they cut the deacons off to cinch a win one time (very unlady like!), 

but overall great job!
Here is the Deacon's.

They made it so the wheel axil could swivel so they could take corners well, unfortunately that came back to bite them, because they started swiveling too much and got caught underneath a couple of times.  As Emma said, "they thought about it too much!"
Rob couldn't pick the boys up this day, because of studying, but I don't think they minded.  It was a fun, fun night and a lot of parents and kids stayed to watch!

I'm excited for next year!!


Searls Stuff said...

This looks like such fun! I told Ron about it (he works with YM) and said I thought our youth should try it. How on earth did you manage to find some many usable pieces of old furniture?!?

Anonymous said...

I have two pieces of furniture that would work really well. a bean bag chair- on a platform with wheels it would fly and a children's high chair. It would be serious fun especially if a leader have to ride.