Friday, August 10, 2012

Joe's B-day Celebration!

Joseph's has been a year older for a little while now, so I thought I would finally tell you about it!
Despite Rob's best friend's (in Ohio) disbelief in the zombie apocalypse, Rob is determined to be ready for it, so Joseph got  guns for his birthday- one real,

 one nerf.

Then we had a shoot-out.  One at targets with the real gun and one at each other with the nerf one.  Rob found a great little shooting range that has everything from rifle to shot-gun to pistol ranges.  It also has a skeet range and an archery range.

 Not only do they have targets at different distances they also have an 18 target range through the woods. 

 There are some that are up on ledges

 and some that you shoot up or down to from the ground.

Good times!

This little guy wanted to stay with me the whole time.
Afterwards, we invited the neighborhood and some church friends over for a good ole shoot 'em up party. 

 We divided them in two teams and then let them go at it until it was obvious they were done.

Emma had a friend that came over to hang out.  She wasn't very appreciative of the Nerf war!
Then we wacked a piƱata

and had cup cakes.

My friend, Jackie, cursed me for coming up with such a low maintenance party where everyone had fun.  That's what I am all about, anymore- short cuts to fun!
Happy birthday-

belated- to my little boy who is growing up fast!


Anonymous said...

looks like a fun party. Happy birthday Joseph/ grandma Keck