Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In My Quest to become SuperMom...

Now that all our camps are done and since we only have various sports practices from 4-9 every night (and sometimes on weekends, too), I thought I needed to add something to keep our family active this summer!  Hence, the list...

I asked the kids what they wanted to do this summer, I looked up cool things on line and we made this brief list of ideas.  The things that are highlighted are the things we have done so far such as visiting Young's Dairy where they have batting cages,

I don't just take pictures- I participate too!  
a big slide,


and a golf range

to name a few. 
We also had random movie day.  

All the kids brought over a movie and we picked them out of a bag to see what we would watch.  We watched Angel's in the Outfield and Lord of the Rings.  Emma and Nancy enjoyed taking pictures of their friend Tiffany

who had never seen Lord of the Rings before and then posting them on-line!  We also had an ice cream bar at our random movie day,

Notice Tiffany got in every picture!  Ha ha!

which took care of two at once!  When you are trying to bid for SuperMom, you have to think creatively like that!
Another day we made sponge balls and had a sponge ball war.

The sponge balls all came apart during the war. I don't think I know how to make sponge balls very well, but shhh!  Don't tell any one!

With less than 3 weeks of summer vacation and so many things left, I don't know how we are going to get it all done!  But I could surprise you.  I have been in Utah and Idaho, visiting my sister, Lise, my mother, 

my Grandmother (Happy 90th birthday, Grandma!),

and my mother-in-law and going to BYU-I education week where I not only gained spiritual insight, but learned all about the requirements for getting into any of the Churches schools (did you know that BYU- Provo is up to a 3.8?  Crazy!)  All the while I was still able to check off, watch the Olympics as a family, because I was doing it with my mother and the kids were doing it with Rob.  I know, with thinking like that, I'm a shoe in for SuperMom!


Anonymous said...

love your activity charts and enjoyed your company at education week. I do not love your picture of me however, please don't ask me to let you take my picture any more it is more than my ego can take. Mom

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In My Quest to become SuperMom...
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