Monday, September 24, 2012


This year I only had one little guy with me for the Homecoming parade.

Max and I hung out while Emma was off reffing a soccer game, Sam was playing a football game and Joseph was marching in the parade.
They spray painted all their hair. Joseph still has some orange we can't get out!
  We got there in plenty of time to get good seats,

so we could drop off Joseph, see the parade unobstructed and catch lots of candy!

But that meant we were also bored.
  We kept each other occupied, though.

Max is a little pilferer!  I had to tell him to stop, when he was snatching candy underneath the 3 year old sitting next to us, though!  He was crazy!!
In the end Emma's game never happened- it was canceled, because of the Homecoming parade.  So she sat at the fields and waited for us to be done watching the parade.  At least she got paid to hang out and watch soccer.  
Sam's game was their first loss, but on a brighter note, he got to play almost the entire game.  It was a B team game, and I guess the defense coach could feel my dagger eyes on him Wednesday night at the A team game when Sam didn't get to play even 4 downs.  Sam came off so frustrated that his eyes were all red.  I was ready to have a little talk with the coach.  I had mixed emotions hearing that he played both offense and defense the entire time at the B game, though, because that means that the kid whose position is Corner back on the B team, just lost his spot.  I'm sure his parents are now shooting daggers at the coach!  Not cool!
We went to the high school game the next day.  By the time we made it to the gate, Emma peeled off to go sit with the students.  She wasn't sure she wanted to be seen with us!  We had a great time, except we brought friends with us and it poured on us!  Ohio likes to just be sunny one minute and then have a torrential downpour the next.  That would have been OK,  but they had a 3 month old baby with them! Then the lightning started and that's when they cancelled the game.  They finished it the next day and I don't think the other team was even trying.  We won 16-44.
As a mom of a teenage girl and a Young Women's leader I get to hear all about who went to the dance and who got asked and what they wore, etc.  Last year, I encouraged Emma to go with her friends.  This year, she asked about it and I said no!  Now that she is so close to 16 she can taste it and she has boys that she texts on an hourly basis, I thought it wasn't such a good idea.  That going out with friends, might have turned into hooking up at the dance.  She didn't fight it too much, which makes me still think she is a pretty good girl.  But just for good measure,  her dad and I have been making fun of one of the guys she texts constantly.  Got to give her some balance!  Ha ha!
It's always fun to see what the girls come up with to wear to the dances.  We had two that made their dresses and three that bought theirs and then wore shrugs or cami's with them.  It really is impossible to find anything decent to wear at Homecoming!  Prom is a little easier, but the Homecoming dresses are generally shorter than mid-thigh and are strapless or close to it. 

I don't know how you even move in something like that- let alone dance!  
They tell me that at the dances there are two gyms.  One they call the bad gym and one they call the Mormon gym.  Rob asked, what do they do in the bad gym to make it the bad gym?  Emma told him that they all grind there.  He doesn't understand grinding.  We tried to explain it, but he still didn't get it, so I found a Youtube video for him.  Emma was shocked that I would look up such pornography, but I showed her that I found a video on how to tastefully grind with someone you don't know.  You didn't even know that was possible, did you!?  Apparently, it is!  And you too can learn from Tweet Boogie 

just how to tastefully grind on Youtube! hmm hmm!
Sam built a tree house at a friends house.

They even made the rope ladder that goes up to it.

I told him that he was going to fall out of it eventually and hurt his arm so that he couldn't play football.  Well guess what he did on Saturday?  Yep, fell out and hurt his arm.  It's all swollen and scratched up.  He says to me, "Mom, what are we going to do about this for football?"  I looked at him and said, "nothing."  "But it's going to hurt."  "Yep!  Sorry!"  Nice nurse mom!
I think Max's fort is a little safer!


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