Friday, September 14, 2012

Shining Idol

Emma was in charge of the combined Young Women's activity the other day, so I found a couple things for her to do.  She chose this one.  We made up CD's with all the songs that we had picked and copied down the lyrics for people, if they wanted to use them.  Then we got a bunch of random props and put them in bags.  I made microphones out of maracas and tinfoil and then put numbers on them.  They chose a number 1-14 which corresponded to the song that they got.  We gave the 4 groups of 3-4 people a second choice and they could use either of the songs they chose.  Then we gave them a choice of bags.  They had to use all the props in the bag.  Then they got 15 minutes to come up with what they were going to do.  I really had to convince two of the leaders that we needed to participate.  I chose a song I thought they would know, but nope- neither of them had bothered to watch Mulan.  We had "I'll make a man out of you."

 One other group did the same song, because they seemed to not know any of the other songs.  

This group had "Call me, Maybe." 
They really wanted Mr. Frog to call them!

These guys had "4-Minutes to Save the World."
Like the monkey going for a ride on Tiffany's back?

They had "Dancing Queen."  
I loved the use of the pompoms!  

Then we just all danced together to some of the other songs.

It was a fun time.  

Emma and one of her councilors judged the performances and gave out certificates that I made beforehand. 
 Dancing Queen got Funniest

We got goofiest

4-Minutes to save the World got best performance because they did gymnastics in theirs.

Call Me, Maybe got best use of props

The other team that did I'll Make a Man out of You got the "Wait, What?" award, because they didn't know any of the songs.

And Emma and Julianne gave themselves "The Bomb" award.

They did 4-minutes to Save the World also, but they just copied the group beforehand!
We had popcorn and soda pop and Starbursts afterwards.  The girls had a lot of fun and Emma got lots of compliments!  I love fun people and their internet postings!  Thank you, random stranger!


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