Saturday, October 27, 2012

October craftiness

Emma got the ball rolling this year, as I was content to sit on my laurels and do nothing.  She had a Halloween dance to attend and decided she wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood.

I found material at Joanne's for $3 a yard and it took something like an hour,

so it wasn't that big of a deal, but then one thing lead to another.  Next my friends were all thinking of making or had made these bags for treats that they found on Cluck, Cluck, Sew. 

Since we are throwing thing away by the truck loads and consolidating as much as possible, I thought, "what a great idea!"  I could throw away all those big chunky plastic pumpkins that they have taken every year and take up almost a whole plastic tote on their own and replace them with a very small bundle of cloth bags.  So I went to one of their homes and had everyone help me make my first bag. 

I always have to do things with lots of help the first time, then I am good to do it again, and improvise from there. 
I added a band at the top and tucked the straps in between the two layers instead of stitching them on the outside.
I finally finished 4 bags, 3 days later.  Trunk-or-treat was just the next day.  Max wanted to be Robin Hood- check, already have that costume from past years.

Sam is too old to go trick-or-treating, but not old enough to be in the going to parties crowd, so check for him, too!  (He did say he would throw a ninja costume together by himself today to do the trunk-or-treat.  Mom will be at work.)  But Joseph was being a pain.  He wanted to be Link.  Which was fine last year, because we just used the Robin Hood costume and added a few things.  Unfortunately, the Robin Hood costume is being used this year.  Then I had a light bulb moment.  Rob had just thrown out his army greens (They don't wear them anymore.)  Now Link's green is a different color, but I said, take it or leave it.  He took it.  And after only an entire day, we went from this

to this! 

Not bad, hu?

My little $200 machine did that.  I had to add the green stitching on the shoulders to cover a couple oopses!  Hopefully, I can continue to channel this craftiness for a little while longer- I really want to replace the kid's ugly, ugly Christmas stockings and finish Emma's quilt for Christmas!  I have my finger's crossed!--- Of course that's not the best way to sew!


Anonymous said...

you go girl, your grandma Baird would be proud. It is too bad that the crafty gene skipped a generation or I would be some help.