Monday, November 5, 2012

The Year of Robin Hood

Ohio is crazy! 
 Our football team was co-champions for the conference, but they didn't go to the play-offs. Instead 2 teams that they had beat went.  Our football team played a non-conference game at the beginning of the year- like a lot of schools do.  We lost that one.  They used that game to determine that we didn't get to go to the play-offs.  Doesn't quite encourage teams to branch out and challenge themselves, hu?
Ohio also decides when you get to go trick-or-treating and it's never on Halloween.  This year it was suppose to be on a Tuesday-??  But then Sandy came to play and so they decided to change it to Saturday the 3rd of November!  Even New York and New Jersey who got the brunt of the storm, still trick-or-treated on Halloween, but not us!  
On Saturday we got dressed up and went out and begged for candy on our official Beggar's night. 

Everyone thought the two littlest boys were both Robin Hood (because let's face it, how many people have actually heard of Link!)  But one Grandma thought they were all Robin Hood!  Ha ha!  It was the year of Robin Hood!

Good thing they changed beggar's night to Saturday.  We wouldn't have wanted to go trick-or-treating in the sleet! {Sarcasm!}


Anonymous said...

sorry, but what is Sam? I know who LInk is living with Tim. I always thought he was a girly Robin Hood anyway.