Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our first two European Adventures

Note:  I finally got the computer to upload pictures although at a slow enough rate that I have to do something while I wait.  Love German internet!! *Sarcasm*
Both of our first two European Adventures were very kid friendly and not particularly European.  The first was to LEGOLAND

 (an amusement park owned by an English entertainment company)

 and the second was to the Zoo. 
 LEGOLAND was a lot of fun.  Like Disneyland every ride was made so that even Max could ride it. 
This was one only Max could ride!

 Max is our little wimp child, so making him ride some of them was challenging, but eventually he decided that he liked it all. 
That's the boys at the end of the roller coaster 
 Emma and Sam thought it was a little lame, but we made it fun.  The flying Ninjago were like mini airplane seats with wings that you could control.  They went up and down and around like swings, but if you flapped your wings just right you could turn a complete 360.  Rob got into a death spiral and lost loads of euros out of his pocket while doing it.  Sam also got a crazy spin on.  I refused to spin as going up and down and around were enough for this scaredy cat mom! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it! 
This was a fun musical set that played music and shot water when you stepped onto the corresponding mats.  Very Cool!
We also found a pirate ship where you shot water at people with cannons

and they shot you back.  It was a huge pirate water fight.  One of the families in our ward went on the same day, so we met up with them to have it out!  We were completely soaked after that ride!  Overall, a great day, I think!

The zoo was nice. 
 Stuttgart, apparently is known for their zoo.

Having lived, recently, near the National Zoo in Washington DC, however, makes most other zoos look small.  I felt bad for the big animals that seemed to be in little enclosures!
We had a lot of fun watching the pelicans trying to pick up the fish.  
"Mine, Mine"
Who knew that they had no power in those huge beaks!  We also loved the giraffes and the eel.  They showed you the volts the eel was putting out and it was close to 200 over and over!
Part of the zoo are the gardens of King Wilhelm. 

We did the terrible American tourist thing and ignored our kids long enough for them to climb on the 135 year old trees. Of course we had a park ranger on us in no time, but surprisingly he was very friendly about the whole incident.  He sat down and told us how the whole park was protected by the state and how old the trees were and how it was like climbing on your great-great-grandmothers back.  When we tried to apologize, he waved us off and said, "I think as long as they understand why, then it will not be a problem anymore.  It is better that way."
  While at the zoo we learned about Pfand also!  Bring your cup back and get a whole euro back!  Yeah for Pfand!!
One of these days, these kids have got to go see a castle!


Anonymous said...

They will see castles soon enough. this sound like very good first trips. Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Agust Ensign says sarcasm is bad!