Thursday, August 22, 2013

After the Jet Lag

After jet lag passed, we were able to have a little fun.  We went down to Lagoon and the kids did things I won't do anymore.  Rob will still do them, but not me.  I did go on one new ride that spun you up and around and over.

I just closed my eyes so that I wouldn't get sick and it ended up being lots of fun!
We also went to Lava- the cold one, not the hot springs one. 

Sam jumped off the high platforms so many times, I think he might have given himself a concussion.  Rob did it once and decided that it really wasn't that fun anymore.  I can't even jump off the low dives anymore, because it forces water up into my brain, even when I hold my nose.  It really is no fun getting older!
We did school shopping and celebrated Joseph's birthday- twice!
My silly boys
 Sam Serenades Joseph

 David and Uncle Karl sing for Joseph

We did sparklers in the back yard and had lots of fun talks with family.


The most important thing we did while at home, though, was having Max baptized! 

He turned 8 in May, but we didn't want to do it in June, because we felt too rushed.  We had planned in July, but that fell through when we had to fly out.  It turned out really nice, though, because this way, Max got to have family around. 

Both Grandma's and Grandpa's were there.

We kept the same program with Joseph and Emma giving prayers, Mom and Sam giving talks and Dad baptizing.

We just added Grandma Thomson and Grandma Keck on the music.  It was a beautiful day!

Going back to Germany was just as bad as going to the states, except worse.  Jet lag is always worse coming this way.  Besides, that, Germany was in the middle of their 2 week summer and it was hot on the 4th floor without air conditioning, we had boxes all over our house and only the weekend to get them undone.  We ended up breaking our rules and let everyone take a nap the first two days.  We just set our alarms and woke everyone up after 2 hours of rest.  It actually didn't prolong the jet lag that much- only by a day.  Even Joseph did better that way!  I think we will adopt that as our new strategy for dealing with jet lag.
Our bags and boxes are now unpacked.  We are getting ready for school.  We are getting involved in our callings (Rob- 2nd counselor YM, Deb 2nd counselor RS, Sam 2nd counselor Teachers quorum, and scribe in scouts).  We are starting the hype of fall and 4 in sports (cross your fingers!- like I want 4 in sports!  I do and I don't.  Lots of work, but I would hate one of them to get cut!)  It's back to the normal grind!


12feetoftrouble said...

That's a great picture of Mom and Dad. I love the unguarded, happy moments.

Anonymous said...

any happy moments while you were here. what a wonderful family you are raising