Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Throw-back Thursday

Brought to you on a Tuesday with pictures taken on a Friday!

We went to get Emma from Volleyball camp at Vilseck- my alma Mater and also the place I met my wonderful husband.  So while we were there, we had to play around a little and take some fun pictures.  These are the results.
In the lunch room

My pretend husband for Sociology class and my real one.  I made him put his hand like that to copy my fake husband.  Look, even my hair looks the same!

I couldn't remember the name of our little town and so we drove in the general direction for sometime.  I couldn't recognize the names of hardly any of the towns.  We almost gave up and turned around when I saw it off to the left.  Ehenfeld!!  That's it, Rob, I shouted.  Ehendfeld was our little German town.

  We lived behind the church and would see all the little girls in their confirmations gowns parade down to the steps of the church door.  They have since painted it yellow- it was white.
 We had two other Americans, my senior year, that lived there.  One of them, Justin, dated one of my friends and wore a Batman shirt and called himself Batman.  I would go study at his house sometimes.  His Dad introduced me to one of his friends as Justin's little study friend.  The other guy, Paul, tried to steal a kiss from me. 

 We lived up a steep hill.  I wanted to take the new car (we never owned a new car before!!) to Prom my senior year.  It was a stick shift and Dad almost didn't let me take it, because I couldn't get it up the steep hill.  I finally gunned it and made it up that hill!
I crashed into the house while taking my friend somewhere.  I was turning the car around in the driveway and changing the channels on the radio at the same time.  I only took a small chunk of the house out!
I also bought this tree when I totaled the car coming around a curve too fast on a rainy day. (I also got in an accident with a friend where she flipped the car over several times before going off the highway into a tree.  I just realized I was in a lot of accidents there!)

I once slammed into our own car to get it out of the way with our van in that driveway.  Dad had driven the car that I usually did and had put the emergency brake on.  I never did that and so didn't know why it wasn't working.  I was really late for a track meet!  I ran into the house, got the keys to the van and bumped the car out of the way as I hurried to the second pick up spot for the track meet.  The coach just about died when he saw me.  He said, "never have I held the bus for anyone, but today I held it, hoping you would make it."  I got Most Valuable Runner that year.
After graduation, I went to college in the states for 2 years.  I came home for the summers and had some fun with the guys, but the second year I came home my sister Cindy introduced me to a guy who was just way too old for me.  He was 25 and an officer.
  Oh my, but he was cute!!


  In August, just before I flew back to the states to continue my third year at college, that cute guy proposed to me, as he was leaving for an exercise.

  My brother had just come home from college for a quick visit and announced to my parents that he had gotten engaged.  That night they found out that I had as well.
Ehenfeld, Vilseck, Grafenwohr.  They are small, quiet German towns-  Not anything like big, busy Stuttgart where we live now, 20 some odd years later. 
The results of 20 years
 But to me, that will always be Germany!


Anonymous said...

thank you for the trip down memory lane. love the up date. I was right they did paint the house a different color about the only change in 20 years.