Monday, April 21, 2014

The Lame Mother excuse Blog

With our big trip to Rome, the start of track and normal living, it was hard to do everything we usually do for Easter.  The commissary and Bx ran out of Easter candy along time ago and never reordered.  I had grabbed a bunch of little peanut butter eggs when I saw them, but Joseph slowly ate those away, until I only had one bag left.  I re-hid those, but he found them before Easter as well.  Hence, Joseph got zero peanut butter eggs.  The rest of those that were left were split between the rest of us.  They don't do peanut butter in Europe still.  In fact that and Root beer is what you give a German to say thank you.  When they came to the American school as part of an exchange program, they all went out and got American money and insisted on going to Taco Bell and then over to the shoppette to get peanut butter cups.  Emma said it was really funny to see them all showing off their foreign money and getting all excited about Taco bell and peanut butter cups!
In the end we had to drive on Saturday, after the base Easter Egg hunt

(Friday was Good Friday and so everything was closed!) to the Real and picking up a bunch of yummy Germany Easter candy- which all happened to be made by Lindt!  I didn't get anything else, but had enough stuff in my "birthday box" to give the kids a little gift, also- a flying helicopter for all the boys (but we are out of batteries, whoops!) and some light up balloons for Emma (along with a shirt that she found that I liked and so stole from her!)

I didn't have time to make rolls, by the time we got home, so we didn't have our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  We made do with some good German bread for dinner.  Forgot about a jello salad, too!  We also never colored the eggs, but I needed them to make deviled eggs.  Oh well.  The dinner turned out fine, though and then we had a nice long walk.

 By the time we made it home it was past 8 pm and we needed to get everyone to bed.  No coloring of Easter eggs happened!  There was one bright spot.  We have been watching conference talks for our scripture reading lately and the one we were on, just happened to be about Jesus and the atonement.  It capped the day off nicely.
No one seemed too put out about the lack of Easter traditions happening, except the coloring of eggs.  We have the missionaries over tonight, so maybe we will do that with them.  Max said, "but it's after Easter, now."  Hey, we are making our own rules here, so we can color eggs whenever we want!