Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Accidental Cupcake Addition

I have decided that I want to learn to make amazing cupcakes like they do in the cupcake shops.  I have been finding recipes and trying them out.  
I tried these ones.  They were good, but tart!  And the frosting just turned all sloppy.  I have learned to freeze the cupcakes before I start frosting and to keep the frosting cool as well.  Then I made these.
They were super yummy.  I combined a recipe for strawberry cupcakes (with real pureed strawberries!) with a lemon butter cream frosting that I just made up.  I am starting to get the icing right.

I love my silicone cupcake holders, but they don't take well and I don't want to give them away, so I decided to buy some cute polka dotted paper ones on Amazon- because I buy everything on Amazon now that I live in Europe.  I am pretty sure Amazon is kept in the green by the military community living outside the US!  So, here they come- cute little polka dotted cupcake papers all in different colors.  But as they are coming from Amazon, they also come in a huge box.  Rob rides his bike to and from work (about 8miles each way) most days and doesn't have room for a huge Amazon box.  He decided to take the cupcake papers out of the box and lined them up on his desk in preparation for coming home.  In walks his boss, takes a look at his desk and says, "What's up... cupcake?"  Rob challenged anyone in the office, right then and there, to call him that, again.  No one did, but the next week there was a new sign made for the office.  Outside it had all their names, with the addition of nicknames- like they are in the Air Force or something.  Ok- almost all of them are Air Force.  Rob and his boss are the only ones that aren't.  His boss is a civilian who was Army and then Rob, as the lone active duty Army guy.  I guess they were all just waiting until they could find a proper nickname for Rob.  No one has officially called him Cupcake to his face, but there is a sign outside the door that say, Lt. Col Robert, Cupcake, Kress.  Whoops- sorry, honey!