Wednesday, March 4, 2015

And the End of that Story is...

So at the end of that story- getting a wild card to European, not getting it, getting it, not getting it is...They didn't give Sam a Varsity letter.  The kid went to sectionals and came very close to going to Europeans, but still didn't get a varsity letter out of the deal.  They are making this whole getting a varsity letter thing really hard to do!

But he did get another coaches award.  They said he was a pleasure to coach.  He was always polite and did exactly what they would scream for him to do when they were coaching from the sidelines.  That is his second coaches award.  Good job buddy!  I'm glad they recognize him for all his hard work and heart!


Robert Kress said...

I am so proud of your Son. He is the best! Love, Rob