Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Basketball Max!

We all went- on my insistence (with lots of grumbling from Emma) to Max's final Basketball game.  

The poor kid has missed half of his games- 2 from sickness and one when we all went up to Ramstein to see Sam wrestle.  He did well in his last game and even scored a couple points.  Surprisingly he is one of the shorter kids on his team.  It's not because, like the rest of our children, Max is short, it's just that we had a really tall team.  

One kid was so big that he just stood under the basket and caught his balls over and over until he would make the shot.  He wasn't that great of a player, but he was way taller than anyone else!  The short guys were mixed in with the taller guys and everyone got to play exactly half a game.  The coach was wonderful.  We remained undefeated! 

Good job Thunder!