Sunday, June 28, 2015

Part Twee


On our way to our lovely rented home in Belgium we stopped at Flander's Field museum.

It was very well done.  Our hostess was sad, however, because she had discount tickets to lots of museums and other things around the area for us to use.  Oh well.  
We also saw Brugge,
Old wall- under a hotel, now.  They let you go see it if you ask, however, and since Rick Steve's told us to ask- We did!
 Fancy Podium for the preacher depicting Adam and Eve

Brussels and Gent.
Gent was a much smaller version of Brugge, and let's face it, the highlight of touring Brussels has to be this guy- right??? The Mannekin Pis (1618).  Several stories say why the little boy peeing was where the town came to get it's drinking water from.  One, the little boy peed on a witches house and got turned to stone.  Another one, a man lost his son and said he would make a statue of what he was doing when he finally found him.  There are several others, but regardless, he's a lot smaller than you think he will be, even when forewarned by Rick!
We got lovely chocolates and we ate Belgium waffles and Belgium fries.

Beautiful, Beautiful Belgium.

I would love to live there- unfortunately they already gave that spot away for next year, so we are going back to the states.  Boo! and Yeah.  I'm of two minds about it.  Well I will try to enjoy our last year here and enjoy traveling to places like...


Rob said...

Like where? I can hardly wait to see what is next :) I love your family journal. It is the best.
Love, Rob