Sunday, October 4, 2015

Part Drie: The Netherlands

It's the "extremely long awaited for Part three" of our last years Spring Break trip.  I know, I know, but after the updates you might have sympathy for me!

Our last stop on our grand Spring Break trip was-- up to the Netherlands to see the tulips in bloom.
We stopped off at Rotterdam and saw the windmills first.

We also stopped off at the Clara Maria farm.  It is very touristy, but we got a private tour and Joseph got to make a wooden shoe with help. 

We also met the proprietors wife and son who are American's.  In fact the son was in the military and had a good talk with Rob.
We stayed at a little camp ground in a trailer close to the ocean.  It was, of course, too cold for swimming, but we dipped our toes into the freezing water!

Our second to last day we went to go see the tulips.  I waited until I would be sure they were blooming nicely.  Keukenhof was beautiful and full of amazing tulips. 

We never found the elusive blue tulip, but we did find another blue flower to take a picture of.  It was a beautiful day!

Finally we went in to see Amsterdam.  I think I will avoid that city in the future.  Loved Hard Rock Cafe and the fun conversation we had with the manager/owner.

The canal ride was boring, rainy and had a very rude driver, but we can check that off the bucket list of things you have to do at least once in this life!

Parking costs us like 65 Euros for 5 hours.  We definitely should have taken the train in and found a place to rent a bike.  It was a city of bikes, just like everyone says.  Not the best place for a car.  Loved the row houses.  They lean out- that's not the angle of the camera.

This was so they could haul stuff up to the top window with a winch and not keep banging along the house as they went.  I seriously need one of those winches so I don't have to keep bringing groceries up 4 flights of stairs!