Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Lull before the Storm

Just before our life went crazy, we only had 4 different sports to deal with.  2 parents, 4 kids going in 4 different directions- piece of cake!
This spring we had one in track- nope not Samuel- Emma.  She refused to play for a team that had cut her after she had made three goals in her try-outs.  The coach had allowed the captains to pick who was on the team the year before and they didn't know her.  They came and talked to her this year and said, "hey, why didn't you come try out?  You were really good at the try-outs last year."  She just said, "I know I was" and walked away.  Instead she ran track.  She ran different races each time for the meets, but the one she kept trying over and over was the 300 meter hurdles.

The 300 meter hurdlers
She got really bad shin splints working over and over again on it, but she kept working at it until they finally let her run it.

She always texted me to tell me that she "wasn't last!"
We had two playing soccer- nope, not one of them was Emma- Samuel and Maxwell.  Samuel decided he didn't want to run track.  He was afraid they would make him do the 800 again and he didn't want to run that race ever again.  It didn't matter that he won it every time he ran!  Instead he decided to try out for soccer- something he hadn't played for years.  He actually made the High school team, mostly based on his speed.

He practiced as a midfielder, but usually played defender in the games.
Maxwell actually found that he was a pretty good goalie and so he was played in goal most of the season.

And we had one, reluctantly, in Tennis- Joseph.  Joseph was actually not half bad at tennis considering he had never played before.  He only had two matches and he won at least the first one (can't remember about the other.)

I should have enjoyed the lull a little more than I did.  I actually thought we were kind of busy- ha ha!