Monday, February 1, 2016

You have to see the Cows in the Mountains before you see the Cows come Home!

This is the statement that Rob made to make us climb the Kramer or some other mountainous range in Garmisch when we went down for a little camping.  The climb up was exhausting.  I was very impressed with Max who carried a backpack full of water the entire way and didn't complain.

 We finally made it to the field of cows and a little restaurant just before the summit.

 Sam tried to climb to the summit, but it got a little too scary on his own he said.  The way down was quite treacherous.  Max fell on his butt and face multiple time.  Emma fell really hard onto a tree root and cut up her bottom and leg real bad.  She says she still has scars from it.  I had brought my first aid supplies, so we cleaned it up and bandaged it, but she still had quite a ways to walk before we were back to the car.  Guess what we found at the bottom by the car!  Yep- cows!
Besides killing ourselves on an all day uphill hike, we enjoyed the Eibsee,

 traditional camping fun,

 a dinner/breakfast out at the fancy hotel

The Michael-Ende-Kurpark

 which had a maze

 and a barefoot park

and a herb garden complete with a poison part and plenty of places to be quiet and heal- hence the kur (cure) part.

  It was a trip we will remember!


Searls Stuff said...

That's a beautiful place. The water was so clear; I can see why he jumped in!