Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Christmas Year

Having Christmas on the boat, we didn't want the kids to miss out on all that holiday fun, so when we got home we refused to let them open their presents.  One of the best parts of Christmas is anticipation after all.  New Year's morning was finally our Christmas.  On the boat we had read the Christmas story and sung our Christmas songs.  I almost went to Christmas mass, because I have always thought that would be cool, but I was really tired and Rob was against it.  Our other friends went and they said it was all in Italian, so hard to follow.   Anyway, we just did the open one present the night before and then went to bed and opened present in the morning.  
 Max was very excited about his football black out things, but was sad because he didn't get his Payton Manning jersey.

 This death star is fully operational and eatable!
They boys each got me a water bottle, because I keep loosing mine.  Hopefully I won't go through all of these too quickly!
New Year's Eve we went to the church with the rest of the ward that didn't go anywhere for the holidays or were back like us.  

We had lots of fun playing games and running around in the gym.  At midnight we went out and lit off fireworks-as per German tradition. 

There were at least 3 other groups lighting them off around us. 

 At one point you couldn't see a thing because of the smoke.  

It was a crazy wild night!  Happy Christmas Year to all of you!