Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Winter Sports

Sam:  Wrestling, again- despite my various tries to stop him.  I did attend a couple meets, but never saw him win.  I decided it must be my presence that was causing it, which was a nice excuse for skipping any other meets.  He actually did really well at his weight group- 126, which he never reach while wrestling it. 
This is the only non fuzzy picture I have of him.  Pretty pathetic mom, hu?  He got Batman socks for Christmas and had to wear those every meet.
They did make him wrestle up to 132 a couple weeks in a row and he couldn't win at all at that weight group.  He ended up 4th in regionals, just missing European Championships and then was refused the wild card, because his record wasn't as good as some kid he kept beating- why?  Because they had made him wrestle up those two weeks and one week he got some shoulder ligaments torn and had to sit out the rest of the meet.  It was a real bummer for him.  In the end he did receive a varsity letter and another Coaches award for being the kid that was always there doing exactly what he was supposed to, best attitude, tried their hardest, always helping out.  I am proud of this crazy kid of mine.

Joe:  Computer gaming- right not a sport.  He keeps telling me he is working out, but I don't quite believe it.  His pants are about to fall off of his non-butt.  He has the physique of a famine victim. Unfortunately, he is such a picky eater that protein shakes are not going to work for him.  He has picked up a liking for all things junk oriented, however.  So we are constantly talking about good weight and bad weight and good food versus bad food.  I should talk though, as I have a chocolate food problem that's probably as big as his junk food one.

Max:  Basketball.  He got much better this year.  At the beginning of the year he was the best little rebounder ever and he could dribble at least decently.  This earned him a spot as a point guard, although he also played the other guard. 

By the end of the season he could actually shoot too.  He made about half of his lay-ups, anyway.  On the final game of the season he prayed twice that they would win.  I thought about having the talk with him about praying to do his best instead, but then just didn't.  Why disappoint him?  They were loosing at first and then Max got in as point guard and made the second and third basket of their team which put them on top.

(These are super low scoring games still.  I think the highest I have seen was 30 points for the win.) 

 He was very excited that he helped his team win.  There was still plenty of basket making- of which he made maybe one or two- but it's basketball and he helped! (said just like the shake and bake girl)  When his coach awarded him his medal afterwards he told everyone that this was a team of 10 and 11 year olds and Max was one of the youngest on the team, but was definitely the leader on the team.  He realized when the other point guard got up that he had said that Max was the leader and quickly added that Patrick was the other leader.  Patrick lives behind us and definitely knows his way around a basketball.  His dad was always good to talk to Max after each game and tell him how good he did and help him out with a few pointers, like, if you can just learn to dribble with that left hand.  Max really liked Patrick's dad talking to him.  He was one of those dad's that always had encouraging words during the game.  I like those kind of dad's so much better than the yeller/ranter raver types- especially since I fall into the negative Nellie type myself at times.  Thank goodness for awesome parents and good examples!  And of course great coaches!

I made the cupcakes for after the final game.  There was cherry lime, chocolate peanut butter and pina colada.  They were all yummy!