Friday, November 4, 2016

There are always lasts!

After our cruise the boys had to go back to school for a week, finish up all their assignments and take exams, except Max.  He was checked out early and they didn't mind if he stayed out.  He did go back in the very last day, however, to say good-bye to friends and his teacher and to throw a pie in the teachers face.  It was only allowed if it was lemon.  I was lucky to find one at the commissary, since I
 had no way to make one!

 We went to our last ward game night which we always had fun at.  Games inside and out!
 Karaoke - amazingly Sam actually sang!  He had done the congo line on the ship too!  I thought I would never see such things out of that kid- thank goodness for crazy friends!
 Got my face painted
 We spent one last day at our favorite Schwimbad- Aquatoll- with friends!
 This slide was super crazy, but so much fun- as long as you didn't drown.  We always came away with bruises, but it was so worth it!

 Love these crazy kids and their families!
 And then it was time for one last good-byes

 These ladies are the best!  

 And finally, our last time at the airport in Stuttgart.  Good-bye dear Germany and all our Germany family!  We have enjoyed our time here 100% and will miss you all!