Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools!

Today it was winter in New Mexico- no lie.  
It's been 70-80 degrees for 3 weeks, but today Mother Nature said, "April Fools!"

Sam's track meet was canceled after they ran the 3200m and the 4x100m.  Our girls scratched because they false started and then our boys scratched because they couldn't feel anything with their hands being frozen and dropped the baton.  Sam's race was up next when they decided to cancel the meet due to the snow!  That's right- Snow!  I had to laugh when I saw the Petroglyph National Monuments fire danger sign at Moderate!
Max however, completed his football game.  You think that's another April Fools?  Nope.  They have spring football here as well as fall.  We signed up late, but they let us on if we would go to the next town over to play with their team.  They have so few players that even when they let everyone they could sign up late, they still only have 10 healthy players and 2 sick ones.  We figured these guys have all played together since they were like 5 so it was about the only way Max would actually get to play.  He started on offense 

and kick return.  

He also played a little linebacker.  His hands were completely frozen when it was all done.  He couldn't even get his pads undone.
With all this winter weather it made me crave meat which I rarely do- so we went to the best burger around!  And we got to see a little Emma there!

What a start to April!