Saturday, April 1, 2017

Springbreak Losers

We didn't plan anything for Springbreak- maybe we had premonitions?  We were planning to do something for the end of the week- maybe Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  But then Rob got in an accident on Monday and we had appointments on Monday.  Then Rob was supposed to be convalescing, so we couldn't go anywhere.  
I did let the kids have friends over to play capture the flag. (I invited the entire YM/YW and only 2 young kids came, luckily Sam had invited all his track buddies so they had enough for a game.  Another depressing thing about this ward- or maybe it's just us.  Haven't figured that out yet.) 
I did take them to a fun center where we played miniature golf

Joe trying really hard to keep his eyes open!
and laser tag (which I got 2nd in) and a simulated video game type thing (which I got dead last on, because I died 4 or 5 times and killed no one.  I couldn't figure out why it kept ejecting me until I realized about halfway through the game that meant I had been killed- who knew!), and did bumper boats and go karts!  It was a fun day.
We also got Sam signed up for his ACT's.  He couldn't get the last thing done- the picture.  It kept rejecting all of them, saying his eyes were closed.  This is the one that got accepted.  

Crazy much?
We also hiked around and on the three volcanos that are just behind our housing area.  It was a really nice hike!
We are a little bit of Springbreak losers like Emma calls us, but at least we did a few things around the area that we had been meaning to do!