Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Winter Fun

Winter fun?  You mean more sports, right?  So this is the year that the boys actually tried out snowboarding.  Sam took to it quickly, Joseph said he liked it, but not on that mountain and Max said, "no thank you!" after ramming into a post of some sort.  I don't know, because I had to work.  You can tell how broken up about that I am, right?  Cold and I don't get along.

Sam, thankfully, chose not to do wrestling again this year.  He said it was just way too gross in this state.  He battled impetigo and ringworm all last winter and was done with it.  Instead he chose to work on track by doing a track winter season.  There were only a few meets in winter season, because it isn't even a real thing at our school.  Our head coach just told us about meets and we signed up and went as independents.  
 One of the meets we attended was the Chandler Invite.  It was in Chandler Arizona, so we got to stay with Karl and Terrie.  Karl and David came and watched.  The first part was rather boring, but it did have a first cousin once removed running in it.  His Dad- our cousin and our uncle, his Grandpa also came to watch.  Karl stayed until Sam biffed it bad in the 110 hurdles.  Someone threw a hurdle into his lane.  It was very sad.  And then got 5th in the 300's.  Karl came back that night to watch the elite runners.  We only had a couple running with the elites.  They were amazing to watch.  They were jumping 17 feet in pole vault!  Jerry- our coaches son- won the mile and one other race.  Our others didn't advance in their heats.  

It was a long but fun night.  All these kids that went are seriously amazing.  So glad I got to spend time with them and their Mama's and our amazing coaching staff and my brother!
We also went up to the Air Force Academy a couple times.  Sam was hopeful he would be running here for real, soon.

 Maxwell played basketball, again.  He loves basketball.   It was a pretty short team.  Max was one of the tallest.  They put him in the first game to tip the ball.  They never did that again.  Poor Max.  He will learn to jump one day!
Max loved his Macaroni shoes! 

You can't have winter without a useless holiday called Valentine's Day.  We rarely do anything on it.  But this year I was feeling creative and made cinnamon roll hearts from scratch.

As the winter came to a close and spring began we got ready for MORE SPORTS! Graduation, college acceptance, and warmer weather.  Angus even got all spruced up for it.
He looks like an entirely different puppy!

Essentials of Christmas

Essential parts of our Christmas season:

1. Two trees- one with Mom and Dad's wedding ornaments and carefully picked out ornaments that match and another with homemade, silly and fun gifted ornaments.  Can you tell which one this is?
 2.  Celebration of St. Nicholas day.  He comes on the night of the 5th and fills your shoe with wonderful stuff.  
3.  Yummy treats- super essential!
 This one was made by a nurse in my ED.  Super cute and yummy

 This one was made by me!  This was my first year of success with old fashioned fudge.  I got some awesome pointers from our fabulous cook, Carolyn, and it finally worked out.  Who knew the secret was to not stir it?

4.  Cuteness in all it's many forms.  Poor puppy!

5. The reading of and acting out of the First Nativity.  Emma is usually Mary and Joseph is usually Joseph, but it has varied.  Our sheep has run off at this point.

6. Christmas morning round up.  They must all sit on the stairs and look pretty in the morning until I get a picture and start the video camera.  Yes it is always me, so you will never see me in the Christmas morning round up.  Aren't they so cute, even as big as they are?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Thanksgiving Friday

I had to work Thanksgiving in order to get out working Christmas or New Years when Emma was home.
That morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then the boys went on a hike up the Sandias while I worked.  

The next day we enjoyed our Thanksgiving lunch!

 I made apple, pumpkin cream cheese and a mixed berry pies.  They were all delicious!

King Robert

King Robert got a little bit older this year.  We love him with all our hearts!

At some point getting older stops being fun and starts sucking.  I'm not sure what that age is, but Rob has passed it.  He is dealing with it well though.  He still works out, but he has changed the way he does it so he doesn't keep getting hurt.  He has bought about 4 pairs of reading glasses and now remembers to bring them with him wherever he goes.  He uses creams and lotions and sunscreen at all times.  He works out his mind constantly- continuing his German studies and his physics studies.  He is currently teaching Sunday school for the adults so he is also studying the scriptures intensely.  One of the fun games his friends play at church is "where will Rob go with this lesson?"  I can't even guess half the time! 
 It's a pretty sweet deal living with this guy!  I sure love him!

The rest of Fall

Ok, so it might be all about the sports, but we did do a few other things this fall!
 We went to the state fair!  Always good fun, greasy food and hot at the State Fair!

 Mom and Dad sent a postcard from their travels and Max colored it.
 We watched conference and built structures
 We went to see the Balloon festival again.  This time with Grandma.  Grandpa was sick!

 I decided to learn once in for all that I am indeed allergic to Penicillin.  Somehow I got it in me while working and became a patient as I got huge hives and then started sweating profusely and then almost fainted.  We tried oral Benadryl first, but when the hives continued to spread I had to check in.  
 We made a Pyramid including chambers and artifacts and camels and alligators!
 I worked on Halloween.  The only one to go out was Max.  Sad I missed most likely his last time!
 Angus took up weight lifting.  He mostly does it with his mouth.  He has a very strong neck!
 I broke my toe!  Ok, I have no idea if it was actually broke.  I never went in.  It sure looked it and felt it though!

It's all about the sports in 'Murica

Max's football team he signed up for dissolved- not enough players.  I thought there were plenty of players!  He would have gotten to participate constantly!  Instead he was placed on a team that had played together for years and practiced about 25 minutes away.  When you have almost every day practices this really stinks!  Also they did a lot of Friday night lights and tailgating parties and other things to simulate high school football, but since we had a senior playing high school football we ignored all of those things.  I was either at Sam's game or working so I only got to see 2 of his games.  Poor Max.  He understood, he said.  He played a guard this year.

Joseph ran cross country after much harassing and arguments from us. 

Our cross country team is 1st or 2nd in the state depending on the year, so he was never going to make varsity.  Even the people on the JV team were running 18 minute 5K's, so he was on the C-team.  A lot of people are on C-team.  This is the land of the runner!

Samuel did his senior year on Football.  
 The team mom's made these for all the seniors.  There was a hook on the back for hanging balloons on game day!

He started out on kick off and kick off return team
He ran this ball back for almost 60 yards!

and as an alternate receiver, but since his coach never ever ever changes players, he didn't play receiver very often.  The coach kept trying him in various positions in practice.  He told him that he was too athletic to be sitting on the side lines.  He finally decided to put him in as a nose guard.  Yep all  5'8 140 pounds of him pushing against 250 pounders.  

They had specific plays they used him in.  He was supposed to do specific things, which he usually accomplished despite the huge guy in his way, but usually got crushed in the end.  
We eventually learned to sit away from the main crowd who were loud and rude and yelled a lot.  Our team isn't the greatest.  We have an amazing assortment of skill players!  They always review us well, because of this.  We also get 2 or 3 signed to college every year.  Unfortunately, we have very few big guys for our line (hence using Sam.) So in the end, our season isn't very long.  If we make play-off's we are out the first round.  We didn't even make play-offs this year.  We still got people signed to colleges, however.  When we moved we found out where the main players families sit- like the quarterback's family.  I always wondered if the mom could hear all those negative comments!   Nope!  She doesn't sit by the bench people and the B team families!  
I got slightly more involved this year- only slightly.   These women are a little over the top for me.  But I did help with Homecoming.  They did a great job!

This is Sam going to homecoming... by himself! 

It took almost the rest of the year for me to forgive his friends who caused the rift with the girls that ended with no one going except Sam on his own.  He did find friends there that he hung out for a little while.  
So much for Fall sports.  
Sam and I at the end of year banquet
Onward and upward!