Monday, December 3, 2007

A NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY- but boy am I blessed

I was in a "Everybody hates me, Nobody likes me, I'm going to go eat worms" mood yesterday. (as my mom used to say.) It was too bad, because Saturday went so well and we had so much fun, but it just ended bad and that's what started all of this. We went to our last ward's Super Saturday. They really know how to do things. From actually doing a craft fair to having great speakers, to putting on breakfast, lunch (on China and crystal) and having a chocolate fountain. And everyone was so nice and friendly. We really had fun. Then we came home and prepared for and hosted a mother-daughter hair-do learning/Christmas party, which was oh so fun. Here are some pictures of the night.
Rob was so good with me, Sunday. He let me cry, made sure it wasn't his fault, told me he would beat them all up for me, gave me a foot rub and told me how wonderful I was. The thing is, he was just as "dissed" as I was (to use an 80's term). Some days I would love to be more like a man. Of course that man had to deal with a very emotional woman. Maybe not so great after all. I spent the day with my husband and played legos with my little boys and realized that we teach the kids all the time that friends don't matter that much- they come and go- but family is the most important thing and we should treat them the best. So was I living that teaching? Just before bed Joseph looked right in my eyes and said, " I love you Mom, so much!" There is nothing better than that! I am truely blessed!


Me said...

I'm just glad it wasn't me that made you mad.

Hey - I would choose you over anybody any day. You are the best!!

Little Bro said...

I seemed to miss the part about you getting mad, from what I read it sounded like a nice day with a nice ending, what did I miss?


Rob said...

Hey little bro.

It is fun to find you on the blog. Did you do it this time without your account?

Deb never did write what made her so depressed and it is probably best that she doesn't. I always just worry that it is me, and if not then I take a deep breath of relief and give a foot rub or/and an ear pull and then just wait it out.

After 15 years of marriage I still haven't figured anything out other than to quickly repent, take all the blame, assume it was me, give lots of compliments, get out of the way, and wait it out. :)


Idaho Mom said...

Hey superwoman, did i miss something, What made you unhappy or sad... I know how blessed you are and smart, funny, attentive, cute, fanatic at getting everything done.. how do it do it girl. I'm glad you are my son's wife, my daughter by marriage, my grandchildren's mother and my good friend. Love your Idaho Mom

Ria said...

The getting mad now makes more sense. But as a woman and therefore not oblivious like my husband and brothers, i guessed very easily that you had intentionally left something out of the story. Rob - I would trust you to have Deb's back any day.

Rob have you learned to take the blame - I better quit dissin all men.

Love Sis