Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Weekend by the Numbers

1 goal scored by Samuel

1 Sam's place in the rocket derby! Congratulations, buddy!

2 goals scored by Emma

2 family members laughing at me for my "take your broke arse home" song. Sorry, I had to take it off Gretchen. I can't be a Mormon Mommy of 4 with that on my site! ha ha!

2 hours spent trying to fix my blog that I accidentally erased. If you see something missing, let me know- except the song, Gretchen! :)

3 hours of Church

3 phone calls from the stake president to say that he made a tough decision to let Rob loose this battle, but that in his opinion Robert definitely won the war.

3 desserts consumed while talking about the battle that was now lost for 3 families.

4 fun families to play kickball with- too bad I was spending....

6 hours picking my nose in the minor care ward instead of the Emergency Room while they played.

over 10,000- Sara's score to win at Greed. Lucky dawg!

2-0 our foosball score to beat the dirty rotten villans that beat us on our own table so many months ago!

Amazingly enough, a pretty good weekend overall and now spring is finally setting in. I feel good. I had to get up and run 5.5 miles today, just to prove how good I felt. Every time I do it I am still amazed I can run 5 miles. Life is amazing!