Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Would you like to Make $95 every 15 minutes?

Well, have I got the job for you!

That's right. I made a big, expensive mistake, today. I was lazy and late and didn't want to go all the way upstairs to get the keys I had accidentally left there, so I grabbed another key ring and ran the kids to school. I got home and looked down at my key ring. Uh oh! No house key! Everything was locked up tight. I was in dirty, sweaty workout clothes. I had done The Firm total body sculpt that morning and hadn't gotten cleaned up yet. Max and Joey were still in their PJ's. Rob was in Albequerque. Not a good situations. I went to a friend's home and she drove me to the airport, where our Jeep was parked. I looked and looked for the spare key we keep on it- I thought. No such luck. We came back and I looked and looked on the truck. Nothing. We went to the house and tried to jimmie it with a credit card- no luck. By this time the kids are all screaming hungry. We go back to my friend's home and as we start getting out of the car, she realizes that she has left her wallet at my house. We drive back and find it, thank goodness, but now the kids are beside themselves. Max was actually doing really good. This is amazing, because I had to get him straight out of the crib to take the kids to school and he hadn't had any breakfast and it is now 11:30 am. I felt so bad. Rebecca got them some peanut butter sandwiches, while I did the only thing left to do. I called a locksmith. It took him 15 minutes- from the time he left the office, found my house, popped open the door, charged me an arm and a leg and left. That's right. The whole job took him 15 minutes. Sweet job! So if you are in need of a good paying job, look into becoming a locksmith!
Man that shower felt good! And wow am I thankful for wonderful friends who go out of their way for you and don't hate you afterwards for ruining their day!


Anonymous said...

It's Virginia for you. My locksmith who opened my locked car the day after my husband left was only $49.95. There must be something in the water.CSH

Anonymous said...

So, we were in Utah at Grandma Keck's and we get a call from your sister in Washington. Is Tim there with you? Yes, he was. She was hoping he was home in Washington because he could then drive to the mall where she was ( yes, little brother Tim drives now) and bring the spare key to her car which is in the mall parking lot and she and all four kids including baby are on the outside and Yes, you guess it, Daddy Rick had just flown away TDY. She used a locksmith too and it took about 4 mins to pop that lock. I don't know the price?
I haven't locked myself out of anything since your Dad stopped going TDY. Is there a moral or a message here? Mom

Natalie C. said...

Debby! I'm so sorry- what a frustrating morning!! I've done that to my house & car a couple times. Always when time is of the essence. Sigh!