Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SPT- water

The second element of Summer is water, according to Lelly.
Always remember to bring your own water to the free (OK, it cost a dollar this year, but it goes to charity!) movies at the AMC theater, so you don't have to pay $4 for one of theirs.Because $4 x 5 is $20 and then a free movie for a passel of children ends up being kind of an expensive outing. PS. Shh, don't say anything, but we brought our own popcorn, too! :)


Dacia said...

I hear ya! We went to the movies the other night and brought our own water. If we had to pay for tickets and the food on top of that it would have been a very expensive movie!!!

Jeanette said...

We do the same thing. I take my biggest bag and stuff it full of popcorn, candy and of course water. With 6 kids it's the only way we can afford it.

lelly said...

this is a great photo! i always feel totally guilty when i sneak snacks in. but, with the prices and the choices of sugars, dyes and popcorn *butter*, what other choice is there?!?

i hope you all enjoyed the movie!!

Holly said...

Good job! With a big family you have to bring your own snacks if you want to afford the movie!! We have free (old) movies in the summer on Tues/Wed mornings I bring the drinks but I buy the popcorn with the free refills!

Thanks for the nice comment - it's so weird to be pregnant again! I feel so old!

CrabbyFamily said...

Great water thought!!We have a Cinemark Theater in Henderson that allows you to bring in your own snacks, its a bit older, no fancy seats or anything, but we love it!