Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The other day Joseph asked where he could get some DNA from and how he could change it. I told him that I didn't think He could change it, but that he could get some in hair. I was at the sink, washing dishes at the time. Next thing I knew he was saying "Hold still, Mom" and pushing a stool close to me and then Yank! And then again, Yank and then again and again and again. I guess it took him a while to get a hair he liked. Then he began his experiment. We can now definitively tell you that pouring blue Gatorade onto your DNA does not change it!
The second half of my experiment post is entitled "Experimentation in wax or Why you should never attempt your own bikini wax!" in stream of consciousness:
I may regret this
Ouch- oh nothing came off, probably too much wax. Guess I better put another paper on.
OOOOOOOOUUCHHHHHHH. Dang that got the root. But it only got half the hair. Oh now the wax- it's everywhere. Must have bumped it when I was pulling. oooh, stop it from going down the drain. That will be a mess. Is that blood? Darn thing caused me to bleed. Yuck, now it's all over my hands, got to get this off. Nope, water doesn't work and now it's all over the shower. That was bright, now I am stuck to the whole wad of papers. This is going to take a lot of work!
And that is where we will leave you. Bottles of alcohol and the stuff they put in those kits to sooth your skin after, the bathroom is mostly clean again- although my feet keep sticking to the floor and I still had to shave. Experimental distaster!


Stacey said...

OH MAN!!! I think you just made my day! I busted up laughing! Sorry it didn't work so well, but great story.

Anonymous said...

I very happy my DNA can not be changes by pouring a blue energy drinks on it. Can you picture the confusing in this world if every owner of a sugar drink could use it to effect DNA? MOM

Brittany Crane said...

Oh Debbie!!!! The wax!! I'm glad I read your blog before attempting it myself. Why are some things so difficult?!

Rob said...

You are so cute and innocent. That is one of the reasons I love you.

From Panama with love!