Monday, June 8, 2009

Surf's up, Dude!

Max says this all the time. I don't even know where he got it from. So for his birthday we had to have a surfing party! We were going to do it at a little beach area, but it was raining- again!! So we hurried and got approval to do it at our church. It was a swinging party! The cake was actually three cakes- 1 13x9 and 2 squares stuck together and cut into the shape of a surf board. I also made pineapple ice cream.
Joseph was quite the host and showed everyone around. He showed them the Tikki bar- where the food was- our drinks are on the floor in a tiny little pool that was filled with ice, the beach where you could pose on your surf board (ironing board!) and a surf shop where he told everyone that they could have anything they wanted all for free. You didn't have to pay anything, it was all free! This was were the prizes and leis were. We gave them a sand bucket with a shovel, glasses, a pinwheel, bubbles, and a little water ball. We also did pinjata's, as we do every year, but this year we had two- one for the older kids and one for the younger. And no surfer party would be complete without the traditional limbo and hoola hoop contests. I think the Soderquist won the limbo hands down. CC won the hoola hoop! The best thing of all was that at the end of the day when I was putting Max to bed, he told me thank you, that was the funniest party ever and then he said a prayer and told God all about his fun party! Wish Daddy could have made it out of Panama to be there, but at least he was home to kiss Max good-night at 11:30 pm!


Brittany Crane said...

I love it!! How cute that he told God all about it in his prayers. I love that age. Fabulous party!!

12feetoftrouble said...

Goes in great with your vacation plans. Hang ten dude!

Ginette said...

Happened upon your blog...Great b-day party idea!