Monday, June 22, 2009

No more school, no more books!

Teachers gifts done. Barely- but check!

Bagel bites and German Chocolate cake made for restaurant. Sort of- check!
We made two cakes- one I frosted with the German Chocolate icing and then checked the expiration date, Umm 30 March 2001- maybe it won't be too bad. So I tasted a small bit. Well, that one went into the trash. Glad we made two. So the German Chocolate cake was only German because we said so, otherwise it was just chocolate cake!

One Yearbook shared equally between two kids-
Here we go- No more school, no more books, thankfully there never were any teachers dirty looks! Thanks to all our wonderful teacher!!


Anonymous said...

It is good that you did not send nasty good to school. Sick teacher so not equal happy teachers. then the cute gifts would be meaningless . Mom

Holly said...

I love the beach towels! And I cannot wait to see the hawaii pix - so glad you got to get away!!