Friday, July 10, 2009


For the past 2 weeks we have been hanging loose in Hawaii. It was a memorable trip for our whole family. I had to download my camera twice, because of all the pictures I took. I decided against bringing my very nice Canon Rebel and instead just brought the small Elph, otherwise I think I would have tried a hundred more pictures just of flowers and birds! Lucky for today's technology we had our laptop with us. Unfortunately for today's technology all those pictures are now stuck on that laptop, as we lost the AC adapter somewhere along the way home and the battery ran dry. So the Hawaii pictures will have to wait for another day.
For now we are trying to get ready for our next trip- the youth conference pioneer trek. I just got material and some patterns the other day and cut most of it out. I still have to make bloomers- yes, that's right bloomers. At first I refused, but then I started thinking about ticks and decided I would rather have them on!! Really, I am the only one trying to get ready. Rob and Joey are sick with the flu. The other kids just keep sleeping until 9 or 10 and have little or no energy. I am not sure if it is Summer time blues, jet lag or the flu creeping up on them as well. It will just be the perfect ending if I end up with the flu during the trek- don't you think? -Because it's not going to be miserable enough on it's own. Seriously, who thought up the idea of pulling handcarts in recreated pioneer outfit, including bloomers, in Virginia's sweltering mugginess of July? The weather channel calls for 94 degrees and a good chance of thunderstorms every day! The best of both worlds!


Anonymous said...

So do the blessing come because you accept a calling or because you endure to the end. You will be blessing all your trek"family" who will love having a spiritual and fun "mom and papa" . We are so sorry to not be able to experience this time with your family. Look forward to the Hawaii pictures. Mom

12feetoftrouble said...

"All the better to appreciate your ancestors, my dear" ahahhha (maniacal laugh). I hope you still like each other when it's all over.