Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pictures on a Carrier

So this time we brought our camera and took pictures. We had some friends who really wanted to see an air craft carrier with us and they had family that wanted to tag along with them. It was quite a group, but the man that did the tour was very patient with all the children and did a fabulous job. When I asked him to show us a normal enlisted guys bunk so we could compare with the Admiral's he did it for us, even though it wasn't part of what he generally showed people. Our camera was full by then, but let's just say that 18 people sleep and live in the space that is the Admiral's table. Crazy and claustrophobic like!!! Point taken- I will never become a Navy enlisted man! I'll just keep pretending to drive the ship!
Rob said I had to put this picture in because I looked so cute, but I don't know what was up with my hair!
The carrier we were on was the George H.W. Bush- the newest carrier and the only one to be named after someone still alive. The Lt. that gave us the tour told about one of the times that the former President came to see "his ship." He was down for other business and all the sudden just got up and started walking, reeking havoc in the secret service! When he was asked where he was going he just said, "I'm going to see my ship!" There was a lot of running around then, trying to get things ready. The tour guide showed us how Former President Bush shuffles along. When he got there, the Lt. saw he was crying and asked if everything was Ok. President Bush said, "yes, I just realized that this is the most amazing time of my whole life- to see this ship with my name on it and all these amazing men and women who are here to serve their country!" The statue we are in front of, is a replica of a photo taken when President Bush was rescued by a submarine after being shot down in World War 2. He had gotten onto the sub and was running across it when it was taken. He looks pretty happy to be alive! It was a great look at one of our President's.
The rest of the day we spent BBQing and playing outside in the beautiful weather. It was a great day! Thanks Rob for setting it up for us! P.S. The day before we got to see the Enterprise again. It had just come back from sea and all the services men were disembarking. We had to get a picture!


Robert said...

I love your blogs, and by the way you are soooo cute. Remember I am a leg man and not a hair guy. :)

love, rob

The Johnsons said...

Holy crap that was a huge cake. Did you guys end up finishing it? I am so glad that you guys had a good time on the ship, wish we could have been there.