Monday, June 7, 2010


Max did Preschool this year, just for something to do. He was bored with all his brothers and sister gone. Rob was not so happy about a whole year of "paying to play," but he liked it and it gave me an opportunity to volunteer in Joseph's class. I got to help out in the preschool every once in awhile, too. They were a fun bunch. After all my time in Primary, preschool was a piece of cake! Max loved Ms. McHenry. At the little graduation ceremony they gave everyone a bucket and shovel as a present. It wasn't long before Max was using his to dig for buried treasure!


Searls Stuff said...

Oh, sooo cute! I am glad he had a positive experience with preschool.

Anonymous said...

It may look like play but it is serious learning. A while run pre-school is an investment is a successful learning experience. Grandma