Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now I am This Many- a Whole Hand!

Max has turned 5! I can not believe it! We have had big parties for him several times, so this year we thought we would keep it low key and family oriented. He still talks about if we have another party he wants it to be a pajama party, though! We went to visit Rob in Norfolk this weekend and so Sunday we had this monster cake from Costco- I don't recommend it. Way to much icing!! We also gave the kids silly string and let them have at each other. We did presents on Sunday, too, because Monday we went to Busch Gardens. I thought it was going to be nuts for Memorial day, but apparently everyone thought that and stayed away. The park was relatively calm and we were able to go on almost everything we wanted to! Max got his wishes as well- bumper cars and the cable car. It was a fun day and not too much traffic coming home, either! I hope my little one had a fabulous time! I know I sure have enjoyed putting together his Lego Buzz Lightyear ship 2 times in a row. Oh no, better make that going on 3!


Searls Stuff said...

YUMMY! I think the monster cake looks soooo good! Glad the birthday was a blast.

Anonymous said...

hope he got our Happy Birthday song. Fun birthday celebration with the best guests, his family. Grandma Keck