Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How it looked...

Pi day ended up looking like this. It was the cherry cobbler from Bob Evans. As Max put it, it was kind of good and kind of bad. He thought the crust was good and the cherries bad (too tart), but if you put a scoop of ice cream on it, the cherries were just right and the crust was kind of bad- I could actually taste the lard! Yuck! I totally wouldn't recommend ordering this at Bob Evans unless you are sharing. It's over 700 calories for a bowl. I ended up eating the inside with ice cream and throwing away most of the crust! Much better!
This is how Samuel looked on Sunday. It was coming on that time to buy Easter clothing and since Samuel will be 12 in less than 4 months and therefore, will be passing the sacrament, I thought it was about time to get him a white shirt and a tie. Rob and I were both busy that morning so Emma tied his tie for him. (The girl has skillz!) He took it off before I could get a picture, so he tied it himself just before I took this picture. So I can get him to wear a tie, but I can't get him to tuck in properly or keep his hair neat. He will let us do his hair in the morning, because otherwise he gets beat (Yeah, right, with a wet noodle), but as soon as he is out the door, I watch him "crazy it up" as we say at our house. And yes, crazy is a verb in our house! Good thing he's such a good big brother!
I got Joseph a matching tie and Max a clip on. Joseph refused to wear his on Sunday and Rob for some reason put Max in an old one that I had for Sam which he refused to wear ever! Max promptly pulled and pulled on it until it was destroy. Rob told him that he obviously wasn't ready to wear a tie. Ah, the challenges of having boys! Of course we are doing a lot better than the days when Samuel used to spit on his own dress shirt and tell me it was now too wet to wear!


Anonymous said...

I bought my boy a white shirt for his birthday too. He even wore it to church. with a grey t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans. but " I wore it Mom"