Thursday, March 24, 2011

There's a Monster Truck stuck in my Ear!

We went to the Monster truck Jam this last weekend. We thought it would be as loud as the indoor motorcross we had been. Sadly we were mistaken! I think I figured that out when the people next to us got out their super powered ear protection and put it on themselves as well as their child. Then the roar started and we all had to cover our ears! The people next to us, noticed and were kind enough to give us their ear plugs they, weren't using (he was an auto mechanic). I went and found some more to buy and we were all set to watch the Monster trucks fly!- well, all except Sam, who said his ear plugs didn't work. He stayed like this the whole evening. Eventually with the whole rocking back and forth thing, I took him out. He stayed in the bathroom and I watched from the top of the stands.
All in all, I wouldn't do it again anytime soon, but it was an experience! I think I enjoy demolition derby much better!


Anonymous said...

so Sam is one of those kinds of guy- the ones that are sensitive to outside stimulus and very smart and very kind and very strong willed. I know a few of those types of guys. I live with two. Grandma

Natalie C. said...

Hey Deb, I just figured out how to read blogs on my phone during these 2 hour baseball practices I get to hang out at all Spring. :) I just wanted to say hi and that I'm sorry to say Monster Truck Rallies are not on my bucket list. ;) but I'm glad I could hear about them from you. :)

Searls Stuff said...

Ha, ha! We took Seth once. ONCE!! There are not words to express that sudden jolt!