Monday, March 7, 2011


What we've been up to lately:

Hanging out, because it's too cold to enjoy outside still!
We had a Foosball tournament. We used Starburst in 3 different colors to pick teams. Emma and Maxwell beat all of us!Align Center
We had a Wii tournament with Outdoor adventures. I still want a rematch! I know I can do better- I just kept falling off the spots on the mat that I was suppose to be jumping on!
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Kids are messy little fiends!Sam did a science fair project on Yawning. They only gave him 3 weeks- not enough time to do a proper experiment for anything else, except the yawing one. Like the absent minded professor that he is, though, he never got the packet for the science fair, and so we missed a lot of things they wanted to see, like a notebook log. So, he didn't do so well in the judging.
Blowing up at my class- oh wait, no pictures for that! Really who knew 14-15 year olds could be so crazy- OOOh, oooh, I did, pick me!! I have always said that age group scares the living bejebees out of me! (We had a discussion yesterday about where your bejebees actually reside. No one could come up with a satisfactory answer!) So yes, they were slinging mud at each other during a discussion on how Christ can make our burdens lighter. I tried to inform them nicely that cat calling was not the way it was done, and finally had to yell, "enough! Stop! Stop! Stop! I can not give a lesson about Christ and meekness and love when you are being so mean to each other!" It was not one of my stellar lessons!
I helped with our Relief Society Birthday party. I wrapped some gifts to use as center pieces and made potato soup. They also asked me to do a display for their talent section on running. I made up a flyer on running sites and weight loss sites and asked the ward librarian to copy it for me. I said, "oh, I don't know, maybe..." and I was going to say 15-20 and she said, "75" I was like, "um no, I don't think that many people would be interested in it." But she went ahead and made 75 anyway. I have about 73 still left. Ha ha! There was lots of great talents there that night. We really tried to pick a wide variety of things. We had people displaying things about blogging, video making, photography, woodcrafts, family record keeping, genealogy, reading, painting, sewing, etc. It was really interesting.
Still trying to get a job. My first interview didn't go so well. I called human resources to ask if I should still be looking for a job, and they said that the ER director was just trying to find a time for me to come in and do a job shadow. I waited a few more days and finally called her and she didn't even remember who I was- not a good start. In the end she did set me up for a 4 hour job shadow and a peer interview for this Thursday. I have never gone through this kind of rigmarole to get a job, ever! So everyone cross your fingers and hope for the best on Thursday!
Been doing preschool with Max at home This is not a picture of us doing preschool- I don't use the computer very often. I just need a picture of Max
and today I signed him up for Kindergarten. Thursday we finish the registration and make an appointment for him to be tested. Rob came in and saw me registering him and said, "Finally, you have to sign him up for school. Can't keep your baby at home for 4 or 5 more years? hmm?" Crazy! He is so jealous of that boy! Ha ha!
Been reading and reading. Loved the sequel to Airborn which I actually found out was the 3rd book, but I didn't need to read the second book to understand the last one- Starclimber. I also finished the Forgotten Garden- wonderful book! Loved it!I'm now in the middle of The 13th tale and Unlikely allies. Rob and I finished the Amber room which I don't recommend (too much swearing and sex) and are now reading The first men in the Moon by H.G. Wells. It's so funny to see what they used to think about space! The kids and I finally finished the second book of Inkheart (Inkspell), thank goodness! Man that was a trudge through it book! We decided not to read the last book as a family. Instead we are reading Benjamin Bartholomew Piff, You Wish! It's been great so far.
Emma's team got crushed by a bunch of Neanderthals according to Rob. The only reason they only lost by 7 points is because the other team pulled all their guys to the back of the court. That obviously didn't matter since they had plenty of Neanderthal girls (according to Rob) who at one point did a full on body smash against one of the walls to one of our girls. After that the ref had a talk to the one Neanderthal and explain to her that this was indoor soccer, not hockey!
Sam got his first Merit badge ever- First Aid! And Joseph got awarded his Bobcat!
So what have you been up to, lately?


Searls Stuff said...

I always look forward to your comments on the latest reading list for your family. It is a great resource for me. I will have to pick some of these up for spring break.
Good luck with the job shadow and peer interview. I am sure you will knock their socks off.

Anonymous said...

Lots of steps to that job. You would think they actually have too many nurses in Ohio. Enjoy the update on all your activities. Currently we are moving Tim home from a student apartment. It is costing too much. Then we are looking for homes in Utah and they are costing too much and we are trying to go visit new grandbaby at Dan's That is going to cost too much too. mom

Princess and A BYU Fan said...

That was a fabulous update!! It's so great to hear all about you guys. We are taking the day off to enjoy Max's birthday at the beach. I love days off! They make the world seem like such a happier place. We love ya!