Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Chill

I gave the kids rewards of Playstation and Chocolate Chip cookies for cleaning all my floorboards, yesterday! I love it when I can have servants! But I think the servants are getting restless. At least I am! It's still fridged here, so not a whole lot of playing outside. I haven't even set up any playdates, or anything. I am such a looser mom. Today I am thinking of taking them bowling, though. The problem is, anything free is outside. In Virginia we could have gone lots of places for free. Here, everything will cost us at least $50. The grass is always greener, right?
Besides, floorboard cleaning and Playstation, Sam made a house of cards, Emma had her last indoor soccer game where she scored a goal (unfortunately it was on herself!), we played a couple games of Bananagram- or whatever it's called (This was Sam's. I thought it had the most interesting word combinations)
and I made some cards. At the RS birthday in March we put in a bucket something we could do for someone else (some service we could give.) I put in that I could make someone 10 homemade cards. I got dinner. We were brought that dinner (from the just released YW President) on Monday. She is moving in about a week. I felt so bad having her bring dinner. She brought the yummiest rolls ever, chicken lasagna, strawberry salad and a blueberry crisp. So yummy! Can I make 10 more cards and get another dinner, please!!