Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference weekend

Besides watching conference (which I loved!) we actually accomplished somethings as well this weekend. Rob cut the boys hair, he helped them make their pinewood derby cars- (while sanding he cut his finger pretty good, so this is why Joseph is just a little worried about helping with the sanding!!) and we put up the leaves in the boys jungle inspired room. So cute! They are from Ikea. Rob said he wants one over his bed now! He said they makes him feel restful. The boys are loving them!
I made cinnamon rolls and turned a 1/3 of them into orange rolls. Citrus and I are best friends, so I think I ate almost all of those myself! I am pretty sure the weight would show that, too, but I am refusing to step on the scale for the next week or so! Sunday afternoon we also had friends from Virgina who moved here a year before us, up for a bbq. We had so much we invited our neighbors that are in our ward as well. What a great weekend!


Searls Stuff said...

I love IKEA! The cinnamon rolls look yummy!