Sunday, April 17, 2011

This week was spent on my behind, listening to boring after more boring information! Remember that Supervisor in the ER that didn't even know who I was when I called her back, well they didn't know that I was going to be in orientation either, even though I signed a paper confirming that I was hired and giving me this date as my orientation date. Yah, this employment is starting out really well. Their orientation is 2 weeks long- 2 days of hospital orientation, 4 days of computer training and the rest in nursing orientation to the hospital. Then I go work 4 weeks full-time orienting to the Emergency room. One week down and I am already exhausted! I can not sit for 8 hours for 5 more days. I just can't do it! Rob said to me- "then stand!" Yes, helpful! Every time they give us a break I go speed walk the halls and find an empty staircase and run up and down the stairs. My back is still killing me, though and I have gained 2 pounds. I don't know how anyone sits all day long and doesn't weigh a million pounds! Besides the full time job, spring soccer is in full swing (both Emma and Max have made goals already this season and are doing well!), I have been called to work with the Laurels in the Young Women's and Emma is doing open gym at the High School for Volleyball. We learned she would not get to try out for both volleyball and soccer because tryouts are on the same day and the same time. We told her to continue as far as she could with both before deciding! I can not believe they are in the same season here! What a bummer! Anyway, that leaves Max watched by very generous friends half the day, Rob behind on his homework, the house a mess and the laundry very wrinkly! At least it's warming up and spring is really starting now!
Here are the last two cards I made- one is a little blurry- sorry!


Anonymous said...

I match your boring training and trump you with yearly orientation X 6 for each school I work for Added to that is all the "new" reading, math or social studies programs I must be super sold on by the company reb. I win the waste of time sitting game. I remember you getting in trouble for knitting through one tela- conference.