Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July

The local hangout spot came up with a deal on Independence day, so we went and enjoyed it with some friends- After the traditional pancake breakfast at the church, naturally! $5 got you a wrist band for anyone under 12 and they could do unlimited anything! Since it was Sam's 12th birthday week, they gave him one for the $5 price, even though he was technically over 12, now. The kids had such a fun time! They spent most of their time in the batting cages and big slide. Except for Max who didn't like either. He spent his time on the little train for the most part. Even Rob tried his hand at the batting- although he missed every single one the first time! Hee hee! After he got warmed up, he was able to even get a couple in the fastest pitch (70-80 mph)! I guess he hasn't gotten to do a lot of things, lately that he used to do a lot of. I bet he would fall the first time he tried skiing, again, too! After some super yummy ice cream that this dairy makes, we watch our cities fireworks with about 1/2 the ward. The kids favorites were the stars and smiley faces and the shimmery ones! Happy Independence day, America!