Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our crazy Summer or I think I need a nap!

Since before school officially ended, we have been running! Usually summers are nice relaxing times that we fill with some school work in the morning, a little cleaning and then a lot of reading and swimming. Not this year! We haven't been to the pool once. I have been running around with my head cut off most of the season and so have Rob and Emma. The boys are entertaining themselves with Lego's and playing way too many video games.
First we had a fun trip out west to visit family.
We crashed Rob's brother's wife's family reunion. Loved this slide, until it rained and made it slicker than snot with a huge mud bath at the end! They also had an outdoor bowling alley and a climbing wall and volleyball and Frisbee golf and all kinds of fun stuff!

Then we went to Island Park with Rob's Mom and Step dad and siblingsand stayed for the week.At Red Fish Lake- Head waters of the Snake river.
Sam crossing a freezing cold river to get the shiny thing in the water that turned out to be a penny.
We made it over to Yellowstone, Where Joseph said, "Look the rocks are yellow. That's why they call it Yellowstone." Smart boy!
where we got a flat tire, saw a wolf, a bear and her two cubs and Old Faithful. It snowed on us!
The weather was downright frigid the whole week, Father's Day with Rob's two Father's and siblings
so we stayed inside a lot, but ventured out one or two days, so that we could go canoeing Trying to get Sam in a wet suit! He ended up refusing to wear it!
and fish with Grandpa, and the boys could throw everyone in the freezing cold lake! Sam got it a lot, but everyone got thrown in eventually. Not even Grandma got a waiver! Only Grandpa who could probably whoop all those boys and Nyla who runs and hides got out of the water wars!
We had lots of fun playing games inside, although some people couldn't remember that games have rules.
Then we headed down to Utah to see my Mom and Dad's new house in South Weber.Visiting Great Grandma Keck
It is only 10 minutes from Hill AFB and they bought it from Mrs. Cavanaugh of Cavanaugh chocolates. The house came with house warming gifts of chocolate as you would expect!Jumping off the terraced back yard rocks! So fun!
Sparklers- Just for fun- with the Keck Cousins
During this whole time Rob and I ran almost every day even though my lungs wanted to explode from lack of oxygen, yet I still gain 4 pounds and we came back realizing we were way behind on our training for the Marathon which is in September!
Since being back, I have worked, we have gone down to Kentucky to go boating and waterskiing. So fun! I forgot to take any pictures, but Dianne said she would send the ones she got my way- so I will put them in later. I have done mountains and mountains of laundry; Emma has been to Volleyball camp, Soccer practice and now Soccer camp; I started a photography class; Rob has started a new semester at AFIT; and everyone is getting ready for Boy scout, Cup scout, and Girl's camp which is all next week. We also had to get new ID's which took us all day! I forgot that you had to have your sponsor with you or having him sign a form or have a power of attorney. So I came and went 3 times before I had everything I needed. My ID went from looking decent to making me look like I was Hispanic- seriously, even Rob was like, that's so weird! Emma's went from the guard saying- "wow, that's you? I think it's time to get a new ID!" To looking really cute. We are also now, seriously training for the upcoming race. We ran 12 miles last Saturday and then I watch Emma play soccer in a tournament and then worked an 8 hour shift in the ER. This week we are running 14 miles and then I am going on a walking field trip with my Photography class! See- I need a nap!
On top of all this, we have our garden to tend to- which I need to go do- as well as take pictures for my photography class- guess there is no nap in the near future!


Searls Stuff said...

Holy Cow! You guys have already run your marathon! What happened to the garden while you were away for so long?