Sunday, July 24, 2011

The King

The title The King or King Joey was given to Joseph by Samuel when he was just a baby. Samuel was playing a knight who was keeping The King (baby Joseph) safe from the yucky bubbles left in the bathtub after a bubble bath. Later when we were in the store and I stuck my head around a display, Samuel came dragging the cart behind him and saying, "don't forget the King, Mom!" He has been King Joey ever since.
King Joey had his birthday the other day and turned another year older. I can't believe how big they are all getting! Everyone was off to scout/YW camp, so it was just the 4 of us. We shared steak and baked potatoes. Steak is Joseph's absolute favorite food! Then I made a 14 layer cake! Ok- I decided to cut it down to 8-10 layers so I upped the amount of yellow cake mix I put in each pan from 2/3 cup to 3/4 cup. In the end it only made 6 layers- but super yum!! My cake pans were all different sizes, so it ended up being the leaning tower of cake, but it was so, so good and Joseph was very happy! (I took his picture with the candles all lit and then found out that night while at photography class that I didn't have the memory card in!)
Joseph is our friendly, girl-loving, embarrassed easily guy. He runs away whenever he gets embarrassed at a movie and the times that make him embarrassed are a mystery. When he was in Kindergarten and brought home books to read, he refused to read one because it had girl words in it. What are girl words, you ask? Well, "go away" was one of them, because a boy would have just said , "go!" - so Joseph tells me. I forget the other ones- pretty or kitty cat or something like that. Anyway, I finally convinced him to read it to me if I read all the "girl words."
He has had his first date already- he asked a Young Women to come to our house for S'mores and she came. He is convinced he is going to marry Eve from Virginia, when they both move out of their houses. He had a conversation with Max the other day when Max said he was going to get his own house but not get married, because Mom was already married. (Apparently there is still no one better than Mom right now for Max!!) Joseph said, "well then you will be alone. You will have to go shopping alone and cook alone and do everything alone!" After this rational Max was convinced that he might have to find someone to marry.
The other day Joseph said to Max, "Max, let me tell you what is against the law. Stealing candy from a store is against the law, Jay walking or in other words Jail walking is against the law- that's when you walk in the street without those lines. Anything a bad guy does is against the law." I see a budding lawyer. Although Joseph doesn't mind reading and reads in the top of his class, he absolutely hates to write. I guess if he does become a lawyer he will have to get himself one heck of a secretary!
He loves to play with his brother's, play water fight, wrestle, play video games, chess and build Legos. He loves chocolate and steak and he hates it when Mom tells embarrassing stories about him. The other day I was telling some friends something shocking he said and after we walked away he said in a very nice way, "Mom, please don't tell everyone about my embarrassing times." I told him I wouldn't, so I won't. We love our little King Joey!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday. You are The King. love grandma Keck