Thursday, October 6, 2011

Emma (Not) at Homecoming

Homecoming came and went.  
Sam marched in the parade.  

Emma did not! 
 The soccer team had a game rained out on Monday and so they rescheduled it for the day of the parade.  Very nice of them, don't you think!  I had to work and Rob had to be at the parade with Sam and the little boys who wanted candy!

- so no one went to watch her game, either.
None of us went to the homecoming game.  We hear it is their tradition to loose the game.  We don't know.  Rob decided it would be too nuts at Homecoming and so we all just stayed in and watched a Big Bang. (LOVE) 
Emma went to her friend Megan's house on the day of the dance and did her hair for her.  

Then a group of them all went out to dinner.  

Don't they all look so pretty! 

 Then Emma came home

 I told her that she could wear the dress I picked up for our cruise last year.  It is modest and still totally appropriate for homecoming.  I know, right! - How did I ever find that?  I did.  I found it at Macy's and it was expensive!  But now I have one formal and one semi-formal that are both modest!  Anyway- she said she really didn't care about the dance, so after dinner, she came home.  The girls had fun at the dance, but one of the mom's told us that really the most fun part for them was the dinner.  I guess Emma saved some money and enjoyed the fun part!


Searls Stuff said...

Gosh! You aren't supposed to have children this old!

Anonymous said...

smart girl wise beyond her years and very pretty too. like the hair do you gave your friend, Emma