Thursday, October 13, 2011


The other day our neighbor brought over these amazing treats!

They are caramel, chocolate, candy bar laden apples.  So super yummy!  She brought them over because we have been trying to take care of her while her husband is deployed.  We have them over for Sunday dinner often, Emma babysits for them whenever she can (she tried to do it for free, but Kelly won't let her.  She always slips the money into something she brought with her), we help whenever she needs us.  One of the big times we helped out was when her house was hit by lightening.  Yep- hit by lightening!  Isn't it always the deployed spouses house that gets hit!!  It put a huge crack in her walls, blew out a bunch of light sockets, blew off all her fence post caps, rain gutters and split her trees down to the ground.  It also made the water main bust.  I was the one that discovered that.   The water man came out and said, "I have good news and bad news.  I found the problem, but it's on your side."  Rob talked to him for some time about what that would entail and how to get it fixed.  He finally told the guy that he was not the owner of the house, that he was there as a neighbor helping out the wife of a fellow deployed soldier.  I guess that softened the guy up quite a bit, because he started telling Rob what needed to be done, let him borrow his tools for the tricky bolts and explained everything step by step as he held Rob upside down in a hole.
Rob was able to fix it!  The owners wife came around to look at the damage (Kelly is just renting) and they asked who was helping hold Rob.  When they told him it was the water guy, he said, "nope, I'm just a neighbor!"  When Rob and Kelly tried to thank him, he just shrugged it off and said thank you to them for keeping our nation safe.  If there is one good thing that came out of the Vietnam war, it was a sense of gratitude for the soldiers that put their life on the line and the families that are left at home alone to fend for themselves!
The treats look so good- I figured she bought them.  There is a candy store that does the same thing.  But come to find out- she made them.  She told me how and I tried.  I didn't have the right sticks- so that was a lot messier and apparently I don't have her skill either.  Rob just said- "maybe you need to go have her show you how!"  Uh, yeah, thanks!!  So, on my to do list- Learn to make Caramel Apple Yumminess like Kelly!


Anonymous said...

now that is a brave knight to help the Lady in trouble when her own knight is on quest. and upside down too. I see the kress knight in training watching carefully. Way to keep the faith, ( a saying from the 80's not a religious reference) but that too. Mom