Thursday, October 6, 2011

Max's Behavior Chart for Mean People

Maxwell decided he needed to make a behavior chart to control the mean people in his life.  He made a picture chart- since he can't read.  His behaviors were
1.  Keep Quiet
2.  No stomping on people's foots
3.  No punching people in the face

4.  No laughing at people when they are crying

5.  No punching people while they are sleeping

6.  No touching Mom's computer

I especially like that he remembered the ultimate sin- touching Mom's new computer!  Unfortunately, Joe already has an x on his name.  He stepped on Max's foot.  Joseph immediately complained that Max had been punching and kicking him in the weaners and pulling his hair.  Max calmly explained, "but, Joe that is not on the behavior chart."  Oh my!  Boys!  They will make you laugh!


Searls Stuff said...

Love it!!! Has he come up with a list of consequences yet?

The monkey bunch said...

Nope- you just get your named x-ed off. And if you do it again, then he erases your name all together. I'm not sure what that does to deter people, but Joseph was not happy about it!

Anonymous said...

the power of the name on a behavior chart. He who makes the chart controls alot.