Monday, January 16, 2012

Formally Yours

They decided to have a winter ball for the youth.  Everyone dressed up- all right, all the girls dressed up.  The boys were in their usual- because let's face it, most girls can find someone to borrow a formal/semi-formal from, but the boys usually rent a tux.  And nobody was renting anything for a church dance!
Emma borrowed mine.  I have used it so many times, lately!  (Sarcasm)  They did have a Christmas ball, here, like they are suppose to in every unit, but we didn't go.  Rob says it's because I didn't tell him that I wanted to go, but I only said it like 5 times.  In D.C. they had them also, but they were close to a $100 a piece to go.  I wonder how many people showed up to those!!  So I haven't worn the dress since we lived in Texas.

Anyway,  Emma wore mine, but even though she has more to fit inside a  bra than I do, her 5'4 frame is just smaller all the way around than my 5'8 frame, so the sweetheart neck kept falling.  I overlapped the zipper and pinned it and then I pinned both her bra straps to the gown.  Still, I told her, "No bending over!"  I suppose, since she is turning 15 here in a couple days, we better invest in a modest one for her.  I can't believe she will be able to date in just 1 year!!

I drove the girls up.  I gave out bandaids to pretreat all the heel blisters.  Still a couple of them developed some nasty ones.  One had just gotten a pair of really cute nude heels that were way to high.  She told us the story of her mother telling her that they were too high, but getting them for her anyway.  While walking into the church, Emma says to her friend, "Tiffany, walk normal."  To which Tiffany replied, "I can't."  I replied, "She can't walk normally Emma, her heels are too high!"  LOL  Tiffany yelled, "No their not Sister K!"
After I dropped them off, I picked up snacks and came home to a house full of guest to watch a football game.  We had a fun, relaxing night.  The girls came home around 10:30 pm and got into pajamas, immediately.  Then they told us all about who said what and who smelled the best and who twirled them on the dance floor.  I have a feeling I better enjoy all that talk, because I have three boys coming up after Emma.  Boys don't talk very well.  When Rob talks to his mother or sister or someone on the phone.  I'll ask him what they said, when he hangs up and he'll say, "nothing."  Really, they just sat their on the other end of the line for 20 minutes not saying a word?  Curious!  Any advice on how to make a guy talk?


Anonymous said...

advice on getting boys to talk. about what football, video games or their life? It's all about the subject matter. Mom