Friday, January 13, 2012

Other Miscellaneous Holiday Fun

Watching a Clamation Christmas- Rob's favorite.

Being, once again, Party Mom for Kindergarten.  

This holiday we made graham cracker structures and decorated them, painted green and red pencils with white stripes- they turned out so cute! 

 And had a cake walk.

Made Mom lots of cards to go along with her birthday calendar.  

That took some time!  She's got lots of people to send birthday wishes to!!

Making holiday Candy Apples- that's right, Candy Apples ain't just for Halloween, anymore! 

 The Young Women loved, loved them!  I made traditional caramels for all my adult friends.  One of them ate the entire thing in Sunday School!!

And last, but certainly not least, going and shooting our new guns! 

 Fun, fun, fun!  I don't know why I didn't realize how loud they were and that they shoot fire out of the end of them.  I must have jumped out of my skin half the time we were there.

  I did shoot, though

 and by the end of the clip, I felt a lot better about it and wasn't shutting my eyes every time I squeezed the trigger.  Rob kept trying to show me how to work the gun before, in case of intruder while he was away, but I never felt comfortable.  I feel a lot better about it now, especially since I hit close to where I was suppose to every time, except once!


Anonymous said...

and making a calender so that mom can know who and when to send the cards. Two lucky ladies will receive shortly the frist of those beautiful cards. Mom